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2013-10-02_0800If you are searching for the most anticipated gaming console this year (and possibly in the past few years), the PS4 could be for you.

But, if you want one, you have to get in line. These are some things consumers should know about the unit, and why they should buy PS4 now, through amazon.

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PS4 Features -

There are several great features the PS4 brings to the table. With the PS4 now available, new changes, the new look and overall design, and the gaming configurations, are all features consumers are pleased to finally  get their hands on. Some of the top features that have been released to the public include:

- A gamer focused system; meaning games, and the playing experience were designed with you in mind.

- Personalized gaming; the PS4 learns the games you love, and your preferences in gaming, and will pre-load content for you to enjoy. It also learns your likes and dislikes, to later suggest games you might enjoy playing.

- Immersive gaming with the new dual shock controller; it contains the touch pad, wand, and a highly sensitive six axis sensor.

- Shared gaming, with the touch of a button. You can compete with communities, and online gamers, by simply touching the share button on the controller.

- Using your PS Vita, you can engage in online play on the big screen with your PS4.

- Improved app world, with more games, new features, and excellent selection for you to choose from.

This new system is going to deliver a gaming experience like no other. So, for those who want to experience it, but PS4 now, and make sure you are not stuck on a huge wait list for the product.

Buy Now -

High demand, limited edition, and the possibility of the PS4 selling out are all reasons to buy PS4 now through So grab the Sony PS4 now by clicking the link below to be taken straight through to Amazon!

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The Sony PS4 Console

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